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Follow our 5 step program to a greener lawn. With our Capitol Fertilizer, and custom blending, there is no reason you could not have the best lawn in the neighborhood.

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Deer Plots

Washington Elevator is a proud carrier of Whitetail Institute products for atrracting the biggest bucks around.

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Want The Best Golf Course In Town?

Come into Washing Elevator today to talk to a Golf Course Superintendent who is always on staff to get the best product for your course.

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Welcome to Washington Elevator

Located 1/2 mile north of 26 Mile Rd. and 1/2 mile west of Van Dyke, at 7030 West Rd. next to the Macomb Orchard Trail, Washington Elevator Company carries a full line of residential and commercial products including: Softener Salt, Fertilizer, Feed, Seed, Horse & Pet Supplies, Turf Supplies, Rock Salt, Pond & Pool Supplies, Grass Seed, and more.

Our Products

Ice Byter

A premium blend of sodium chloride and calcium coated with liquid magnesium that will dissolve snow rapidly and continue to penetrate through frozen surfaces. Ice Byter Walkway Deicer is finer than ordinary rock salt and ideal for use under most circumstances. Perfect for use on walkways or in hand spreaders where product control and placement is essential, BYTES right through the ice! Effective to 0 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

City Melt

NEW THIS YEAR!!! A custom blend for our budget conscious customers! A premium mix of sodium chloride coated with liquid magnesium, City Melt maintains powerful snow and ice melting capabilities without draining your wallet. City Melt is finer than normal rock salt and can be used in spreaders for precise product placement. Effective at 0 degrees Fahrenheit or lower!!

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